District Audition Information


Each school submitting students to audition is assured representation in that ensemble at the District Festival, providing at least one student from that school auditions and meets minimal performance standards

ALL Senior level Violin players, in ALL districts, are to be nominated for Violin (not for Violin I or Violin II).  Junior level Violins will be nominated as determined by policy established by each ILMEA district.

The Orchestra Chairperson in each district is responsible for setting up the audition procedure for his/her specific District in a way that aligns with ILMEA policy.

After selections are made, the District President will then notify the primary contact of each school with selected students.


Follow Band Audition Procedures.

All students wishing to be considered for the District Orchestra MUST check the proper boxes on the Nominee Form to indicate that willingness.

Only District Orchestra participants will be considered for assignment to the All-State Orchestras.

Winds and percussionists not chosen for the All-State Orchestras MAY BE assigned to All-State Bands.


Harp auditions will be held at the District site. Harpists will be expected to perform the etude and orchestral excerpt as indicated in the listing of required audition materials (See Orchestra Division Audition Process). Orchestra Representatives will provide recording equipment. A designated individual at the audition will record the audition and submit the recording to the District Representative.  They, in turn, will forward the recording(s) of the selected harpist(s) to the State Orchestra Division President for the purpose of All-State Selection.

The harpist must perform with a District performance organization, if assigned to one, in order to remain eligible for All-State.

If the District repertoire does not require harp(s), the selected recording(s) will be forwarded to the State Orchestra Division President and selected student(s) are not required to attend the District Festival.

ALL-STATE Audition Requirements

Strings, Winds, Percussion and Harp

Audition requirements for strings players will include excerpts from EACH of the major works to be performed by the Honors and All-State Orchestras. Excerpt music will be sent to the director of each All-State string selectee from the Orchestra Division President. In addition, each student must prepare the 7 Major AND 2 melodic minor scales listed in the required audition materials (See Orchestra Division Required Materials).  At least one Major and one melodic minor will be chosen. Sight-reading is also required at the All-State audition.

Four string bass players will be assigned to the All-State Bands at the December Selection Meeting. They will audition on only the required two-octave Major and melodic minor scales and excerpts, or complete parts, from the All-State Bands’ Concert Selections. Band repertoire excerpts will be sent to the director of each All-State Bands string bass selectee by the Division Presidents. Sight-reading is also required at the All-State audition.

Selected strings players will be sent applicable excerpts (not complete parts) along with the All-State invitation following the December Selection Meeting. 

If you have not received information by December 15, please contact the Orchestra Division President ([email protected])