The Illinois Music Education Association is currently seeking nominations for the following awards:

  • Mary Hoffman Award of Excellence

  • Distinguished Service Award

  • Outstanding Administrator Award

  • Honorary Life Membership Award

  • 25 Year Recognition Awards

  • Collegiate Chapter Recognition Award

Once all nominations and the necessary supporting material have been received, a decision will be made by the Awards Committee and the ILMEA Board of Directors; the selected honorees will be notified in writing of the award granted.

The ILMEA Awards Program supports our efforts to recognize outstanding achievements of peers, those preparing to be music educators, as well as those outside the music education profession. We strive to honor our most distinguished colleagues and increase the visibility of our most supportive benefactors.

Awards descriptions and nomination/application forms are available below, with the corresponding award.  Please take a moment to review each award carefully. If you would like to make a nomination, please follow the directions given, and email digital versions of your completed nomination form and ALL supporting materials to:

Jake Stouffer
ILMEA State President Elect
[email protected]


Nominations received without the required supporting information may not be considered. Nominations must be submitted by current ILMEA/NAfME members. These nominations will be considered for 2020 Illinois Music Education Conference presentation ONLY.

DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS: Third Friday in October Annually (October 18, 2019)

Mary Hoffman Award of Excellence

This award recognizes teaching excellence of Illinois Music Educators. The Nominee:

1. Must be an ILMEA member in good standing
2. Must have taught for at least 10 years
3. Must be a current music educator from any level in a school, college and/or university in Illinois
4. Must have demonstrated continued teaching excellence

Mary Hoffman Award of Excellence Application

Distinguished service award

Awarded to a person who has clearly given very special service to ILMEA or to the goals and purposes of ILMEA. The recipient is clearly recognizable Statewide, and the service for which the Award is given, represents a long-range commitment that, in every way, can be considered extraordinary and distinguished.

Distinguished Service Award Application


Awarded annually to a school administrator who supports his or her music program in a manner only possible as an administrator. The Award will be presented to a superintendent, principal or other top administrator, and recognizes excellence in encouragement and promotion of music education within Illinois.

Outstanding Administrator Award


Awarded to individuals outside the field of professional music education in recognition of distinguished service to music education. This Award may be conferred only by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors.

Honorary Life Membership Award Application


This Award recognizes NAfME/ILMEA Members with 25 years, or more, of experience as a music educator.

Eligibility: Must be a current NAfME/ILMEA Member and have taught 25 years or more. All information must be provided by the applicant only. (Do not submit another person's name)

25 Year Recognition Award Application


This award is given to Illinois Collegiate Music Education Association Chapters to recognize outstanding achievement, projects, and unique service to the campus and community in which the Chapter is located. Special consideration will be given to those projects or achievements which are, in some way, designed to advance the field of music education. This is not necessarily given on an annual basis and more than one award may be considered in the same year. Nominations may be made by any ILMEA member or Chapter Sponsor.

Collegiate Chapter Recognition Award Application