Junior Level Auditions

Please see your ILMEA District's Junior Jazz page for more information on Junior Jazz Auditions in your District.

Senior Level Auditions

1. Required Selection(s)

#1 (All Districts): Out the Window by Adam Larson

#2: Selected by your ILMEA District (if applicable)

2. Sight-reading

3. Improvisation

  • Districts will use one of the following selections for the improvisation portion of the District Audition.

    • Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Inc., Vol 6, Track 1 - Now’s The Time/Billie’s Bounce

    • Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Inc., Vol. I, Track 8 - Blues in F

4a. Overall Considerations - Jazz Wind & Brass

  • Stylistic Accuracy, Tone Quality, Intonation

4b. Overall Considerations - Rhythm

  • Stylistic Accuracy

  • Rhythmic Stability


Click Here for detailed information on each section of the district audition and scoring.