How do I cancel a student who was nominated to or accepted in a Festival Ensemble?

Directors must alert District Presidents in writing/via email to cancellations prior to the Festival day. District Presidents and Representatives will need to find replacements for those students in order to seat complete ensembles.

If a director needs to cancel a student participant it needs to be submitted in writing/via email to the District President prior to the day of the Festival. Festival fees for students who are not cancelled prior to the day of will still need to be paid.


Are meals served at District Festivals?

Student or director meals are arranged by each ILMEA district. Please check with your District President for options available.


We have a conflict and my student cannot attend the entire festival. Can they come late or leave early?

No, district festival students must attend the entire festival in order to participate. (ILMEA Policy Manual, Audition Eligibility I,V)