Junior Level Auditions

Please see your ILMEA District's Junior Chorus page for more information on Junior Chorus Auditions in your District.

Senior Level Auditions

The audition consists of a performance test totaling 100 points, and MUST be administered with these blind audition procedures. Click here for a sample script of what to expect.

Before the Audition Begins:
A brief vocalization is permitted, depending on the time available in the District.

1. Prepared Selections
40 points possible

  • A passage from one of the required selections will be selected by the Chorus Division President.

  • A passage from one of the District selections or one of the required selections will be selected by the District Chorus Representative.


2. Sight-Reading
16 Points Possible

  • A starting pitch will be given. The student will have 30 seconds to study the example. The student may sing through the intervals and practice the example or study it in silence.  At the end of 30 seconds, the starting pitch will be given again and the student will begin. The judge will only judge what is heard after the study period and second pitch.

  • For judging, the student may use a neutral syllable, solfeggio, numbers, or letter names, but is NOT permitted to hum.

  • Sight Reading Guidelines:

    • 4 measures long

    • Major Key - Bb, F, C, G or D

    • Meter - 4/4 

    • Notes - Whole, Half, Quarter, Eighth, Dotted Half, Dotted Quarter

    • Rests - Half, Quarter, Eighth

    • Intervals:  M2/m2 or M3/m3 within diatonic scale, P4 and P5 from sol to do

3. Tonal Skills
16 Points Possible

  • Sing the Major triad on E

  • Sing two (2) of the other three root position triads (minor, diminished, augmented), selected by the Chorus Division President. It is suggested that F and D are used as the root tones of these triads.

  • Sing one major scale and one minor scale.  Soprano/Tenor will sing F Major and d minor.  Alto/Bass will sing Db Major and bb minor.

    The minor scale will be selected from any one of the natural, harmonic or melodic forms.  The student is responsible for all three minor forms though ONLY ONE will be performed for the audition.  That form will be selected annually by the Chorus Division President and will be consistent throughout the State.

    The scales will be sung one octave up and down with the top note sung only once.

Numbers, solfeggio, or a neutral syllable may be used. Humming is not allowed.


4. Tone Quality
28 Points Possible

This item represents a total evaluation by the judge of the vocal quality the student has presented throughout the audition.