Justin Sisul, Music Educator Development Division President

Justin Sisul, MED Division President
Downers Grove School District 58
Downers Grove, Illinois
[email protected]


Welcome to the Music Educator Development Page!  Established by ILMEA Constitutional Amendment in 2013, the Music Educator Develoment (MED) Division seeks to address issues in music education that affect all areas of the profession. 

We hope to make this page a repository of resources, links, and quality information on topics such as teacher evaluation, assessments, Common Core, Core Arts Standards, and more.  It is our goal to provide tools that will empower currently active music teachers to continue to achieve success in the ever-changing landscape of education.

To that end, if you have a resource to share, a link to suggest, or a question to ask, please don't hesitate to email the MED division! We look forward to learning about all of the different ways we might serve our members.


PERA is the legislation that drives the change in teacher evaluation.  ILMEA's Teacher Evaluation Committee, comprised of educators, evaluators, and ISBE consultants, is working to prepare resources to educate all of our members on these issues. 

Click Here to download a presentation on PERA prepared for ILMEA members. It provides clear, straightforward information and reminds us of the ways we can get involved to shape our future as educators.