Vocal Jazz All-State Audition Procedures

The Honors Vocal Jazz Ensemble premiered at the 2013 IMEC. During the meetings that ensued at the 2013 IMEC, the decision was made to select the students for the 2014 Honors Vocal Jazz Ensemble by ability, as opposed to 2013 when the group was selected by choosing one student from each of the nine districts. For the 2015 IMEC, the audition procedure was further refined to eliminate the memory requirement and have the 2nd audition recordings screened by a panel of judges selected by our All-State Vocal Jazz Audition Chair, Michael Molloy.

  • Students will be notified on the morning of their district festival if they are requested to perform a 3-part call-back audition that will be recorded
  • Two new excerpts will be chosen and recorded from the district audition required selections.
  • One chorus of Bb Blues improvisation will also be sung and recorded with CD accompaniment in the background

It is important for students and directors to note that students that are called back to sing a second audition for the Honors Vocal Jazz Ensemble will also be eligible for the 24-voice All-State Jazz Ensemble.

Just as important to note is that sophomore, junior and senior students that are not called back for this second audition are still eligible for the 24-voice All-State Jazz Ensemble. That selection process will follow normal procedures, using the district audition scores and rankings.

Students that are selected for one of the two Vocal Jazz All-State groups will be notified of their acceptance through the normal process along with students in all of the other All-State ensembles. However, music for these two vocal jazz groups will be mailed immediately after state notification, and it extremely import for both directors and selected students to prepare and memorize their All-State music with due diligence to ensure a successful performance at the January IMEC in Peoria.