ILMEA Scholarship Fund

To support ILMEA’s mission to provide a quality music education for all Illinois learners, ILMEA is proud to announce the start of the ILMEA Scholarship Fund. This fund is designed provide financial assistance to schools and students who desire to participate but may be limited by their financial situation.

This fund will be built through private and corporate donations as well as through fundraising events. Open for applications in the fall of 2019, we will begin with offering a scholarship for schools to cover their Participating School Fee, District Audition Fees, District Festival Fees and All-State Student Participation Fees, with expansion plans to include fees for ILMEA Large Group Festival and Nomination Festival.

With the help of generous donors and support, ILMEA looks forward to supporting students and directors like never before.

gala post.jpg

IMEC Opening night gala raffle fundraiser

The opening night gala has always been a chance to celebrate and connect with friends. ILMEA is providing a new reason to celebrate with the Opening Night Gala being the launch of the organization’s new ILMEA Scholarship Fund.

Peoria area businesses and IMEC exhibitors have contributed items that will be available to win at the raffle - buy your tickets ($2 each or 10 for $15), deposit your ticket for the item (or items!) you hope to win, then watch and listen for the winners to be announced at the end of the gala to be picked up there or at registration on Friday.

We hope you join us for the gala and in supporting the new ILMEA Scholarship Fund.