Instrumental Jazz groups that perform at the annual Illinois Music Education Conference (IMEC) include the Honors Jazz Band, the Honors Jazz Combo (8 or 9 students, one per instrument), and the All-State Jazz Band.  All students selected to all-state in the instrumental jazz category will be a part of an audition process that takes place in Peoria, on the Thursday morning of the conference, from 9:00am until 12:00pm.

All-State auditions will follow the district audition process including all three excerpts of the required piece as published on the website each year, sight reading, and improvisation using Billie’s Bounce chord changes.  In addition, improvisation over Bb rhythm changes-fast tempo using the Jamey Aebersold Book, # 47, Track # 13 are required for students that wish to be considered for the Honors Jazz Combo. This is an optional portion of the audition and left to the discretion of the student who will inform the room monitor prior to the audition.

Jazz Wind Players (saxophone, trumpet and trombone) will complete the audition process during an assigned interval of time in your designated audition room.  A track will be played out loud for the improvisation part(s) of the audition. Students will be given 30 seconds to review the sight reading material before performing it

Jazz Rhythm Section Players (piano, guitar, vibes, bass and drum set) will complete the audition process in two segments.  The first segment, scheduled between 9:00am – 10:30am will consist of the required excerpts, and sight reading. You will then be assigned to one of five quartets to complete the second segment of the audition which includes improvisation in a live setting (not the pre-recorded tracks), and rhythmic stability while comping during the improvisation for the others in your quartet.  Drum set players will also be required to demonstrate style patterns (same as district auditions) but the improvisation section will be trading “fours” with the other members of your quartet.

Guitar, Bass and Vibe students are responsible for bringing your own instruments and amplifiers. Upright pianos and Yamaha Drum Sets will be provided (5 piece kit with hardware). Drum set players will need to bring your own cymbals and if preferred, a personal bass drum pedal and/or snare drum.  

All students, please be aware of your audition time and arrive to your assigned room early.  The warm-up areas are available to instrumental jazz students during the 30 minutes prior to your assigned audition time.    

Click Here for a link to the District Audition Procedures.