Junior Chorus Auditions

1. Prepared Selection I

2. Prepared Selection 2

3. Vocal Skills

  • Sing a major scale up and down in own range. (8 points)

  • Sing a diatonic sigh-reading exercise containing quarter notes, half notes, and eighth notes. (8 points)

4. Tone Quality

This item represents a total evaluation by the judge of the vocal quality the student has presented throughout the audition.

Junior Chorus Audition Rubric - 100 points
Prepared Selection 1 - 28 points
Prepared Selection 2 - 28 points
Vocal Skills - 16 points
Tone Quality - 28 points

Senior Chorus Auditions

Please visit the Chorus Division Audition Information Page for this year's audition material.

One prepared selection will be taken from the State Choral Selections. Audition material for the second prepared selection will be taken from one of the District Festival Choral Selections.