Junior Chorus Auditions

Click Here for Junior Chorus Rehearsal Tracks and Preparation Materials.

1. Prepared Selections

Students will need to learn their own part on all of the music selected for the festival. Students will be asked to sing two selected passages using the accompaniment CD provided in the adjudication room. Starting pitch, tonality and piano accompaniment introduction will assist the student in starting the passages. The two pieces will be posted outside the audition rooms.

2. Tone Quality

This is the only subjective part of the audition score. Overall vocal quality awarded by the judge may be based upon the following: voice support, evenness of vocal range, and developmentally appropriate sound of the student’s voice.

3. Sight-Reading

One 2-measure exercise in common time (4/4) using only eighth, quarter, half, and whole notes. The melody will be based on the first five scale degrees of a Major scale with skips only within the tonic triad. The exercise will begin and end on the tonic. Sopranos and Tenors will sing in F major. Altos and Basses will sing in D major. The student may use a neutral syllable, solfeggio, numbers, or letter names, but is NOT permitted to hum.

The Major scale, tonic chord, and the starting note will be played on a CD before the student is asked to begin. A reasonable amount of time may be allowed so the student may survey the complete exercise before singing it.

4. Tonal Skills (Scales & Triads)

Major & Natural Minor Scale: The scales will be sung one octave up and down with the top note sung only once. Sopranos and Tenors will sing an F major scale and D minor scale. Altos and Basses will sing D major and B minor scale.

Major & Minor Triads: Each student will sing a major and minor triad in root position. Sopranos and Tenors will sing the major triad on F and the minor triad on D. Altos and Basses will sing a major triad on D and a minor triad on B.*

Numbers, solfeggio, or neutral syllable may be used when singing the scales or triads. Humming is not allowed.

Students are allowed to use teacher produced scale and triad handouts.


*Due to the variety of vocal changes occurring in their voices, any tenor or bass who prefers to sing the scales, triads, or sight-reading in a different key will be allowed to do so provided he can walk into the audition and clearly state in which key he is prepared to sing.

Senior Chorus Auditions

Please visit the Chorus Division Audition Information Page for this year's audition material.

One prepared selection will be taken from the State Choral Selections. Audition material for the second prepared selection will be taken from one of the District Festival Choral Selections.