Junior Chorus Auditions

1. Prepared Selections

For each Prepared Selection, students will be judged on Intonation, Rhythmic Accuracy, Note Accuracy and Diction

Mixed Chorus
Sop/Alto - sing an excerpt from the SSA piece (required selection)

Ten/Bass - sing an excerpt from the TB piece (required selection)

Everyone - sing an excerpt from one of the other mixed pieces selected for the festival, the selection will be announced on the day of auditions.

Sing an excerpt from the required pieces, the other excerpt will be announced the morning of auditions. Treble choir auditioners will also perform a major scale and a rhythmic sightreading exercise.

2. Rhythmic Sight Reading

Students will be given a reasonable amount of time to silently study the 4-measure exercise.

Student may speak or intone the rhythm and may clap along, but is not permitted to hum or only clap the rhythm.

The adjudicator may set the quarter or eighth note pulse if the student wishes or when the student is ready to begin.

3. Tonal Skills

Student will sing (a capella) ascending and descending Major scale with the top note being sung one time. 

Partial points may be given for correct ascending and descending scale

Students may sing solfege, numbers, or neutral syllable. Humming is not permitted.


Senior Chorus Auditions

Please visit the Chorus Division Audition Information Page for this year's audition material.

One prepared selection will be taken from the State Choral Selections. Audition material for the second prepared selection will be taken from one of the District 2 Festival Choral Selections.