Junior Instrumental Jazz Auditions

1. Prepared Selection

Front Burner by­ Sammy Nestico

Alto Sax and Tenor Sax should audition on first part.

Bari Sax auditions on the Bari Sax part.

Trumpets and Trombones can audition on first or second part. However, if they wish to be considered for first part in the top band, they have to audition on the first part. Students who play an actual bass trombone can audition on the Trombone IV part.

Rhythm Section players audition on their part.

2. Improvisation

The majority of the audition will consist of the prepared piece. Improvisation is encouraged and a large component of jazz in general but is not the focus of the audition.

All students (except drum set players) will improvise with ­ F Blues from Jamey Aebersold Volume 1 (track 8)

Click Here for grooves for drum set players.

Senior Instrumental Jazz Auditions

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Senior Vocal Jazz Auditions

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