Elementry Chorus nominations

Participation in this chorus is by nomination. Students do not need to audition for participation in the Elementary Chorus.

Nominating educators, please keep in mind these guidelines:

  • 5th and 6th grade students enrolled in your choir are eligible.

  • Nominate the top 15% of your choir. ex. 125 students 18-19 nominations

  • Make and effort to have an even number of Soprano and Altos

  • Rank the students with your highest students being number 1. You may consider your highest soprano and 1 and your highest alto as 2 and alternate between the two sections until you have reached your max number of nominees.

  • Students need to be well-prepared with the literature before arriving the day of the festival.

Junior Chorus Auditions

1. Prepared Selections

Seal Lullaby and Praise the Lord from the District 5 Junior Chorus Festival Repertoire

Both will be performed a cappella - there will be no track or need for speakers

Students must know the audition pieces in their entirety and will be responsible for them during the audition. Audition measures for each piece will be posted the day of auditions

2. Scales & Triads

  • A capella Major Scale

  • A capella Major and minor Triads

    • Ascending AND descending scale and triads

    • Prompt sheets are permitted, judges will provide one if necessary.

    • Initial pitch will be given and tonic chord will be given for the scale.

    • Recommended starting pitches:

      • Sopranos - F

      • Altos - D

      • Baritones - G

    • Any method may be used to sing the scale and triads; however, humming is not permitted.

3. Sight Reading (4 Measures)

  • Sight reading may include eighth notes, quarter notes, half notes, whole notes and/or quarter rests.

  • The melody will move step-wise and do-mi-so leaps only. The student will be given a starting pitch and arpeggio.

  • The student will have 30 seconds to study the melody and then the starting pitch will be given one more time before the student begins to sing.

  • The judge will only judge what is heard after the study period and second pitch.

  • Students may use a neutral syllable, solfeggio, numbers, or letter names; humming is not permitted.

  • The examples will be in the major key of C or F.

4. Overall Considerations: Pitch & Tone Quality

This item represents a total evaluation by the judge throughout the audition.

Senior Chorus Auditions

Please visit the Chorus Division Audition Information Page for this year's audition material.

One prepared selection will be taken from the State Choral Selections. Audition material for the second prepared selection will be taken from one of the District 5 Festival Choral Selections. Students should learn all repertoire (State and District 5) in preparation for the audition.