Junior Band Auditions

1. Prepared Selection

2019: Adrenaline Engines - Randall D. Standridge
Grand Mesa Music #GMM232

Winds should prepare the 1st part for their instrument. Percussion should prepare Percussion 1 (Snare drum) and Mallet 1.

2. District 4 Junior Level Required Etude

  • 2019: Cycle 1

  • 2020: Cycle 2

  • 2021: Cycle 3

    Click Here for full listing of all etude selections
    Click Here for Cycle 1 Percussion Etudes
    Click Here for Cycle 2 Percussion Etudes (Coming Soon!)
    Click Here for Cycle 3 Percussion Etudes

3.  ILMEA Junior Level Scale Sheet

  • 3 minute time limit

  • Tongue all notes
    Click Here for ILMEA Junior Scale Sheet

Senior Band Auditions

Please visit the Band Division Audition Information Page for this year's audition material.