Nomination Portal FAQ

Have questions about using the new ILMEA Nomination Portal? Check out the answers for these Frequently Asked Questions!

I had a login for the old RNS system. Why can't I log in to the new nomination portal?

All educators will need to create a new account at In order to start with a blank slate and clean data, the data from the old system (including user emails and passwords) were not transferred over.

What devices or browsers work best for the portal?

The portal works best when using a laptop or desktop computer and an updated browser such as Google Chrome. It is absolutely usable on mobile devices as well! It is generally not advised to use Internet Explorer or Safari.

What should I do if I don't see my school listed?

When you are creating your educator account and have selected your ILMEA District, but do not see your school listed, please click the text prompting you to request that your school be added and fill out the form to make the request.

What should I do if my school is listed in the wrong ILMEA District?

If your school is listed, but is under the wrong ILMEA District, first select your correct ILMEA District and then go through the process to request a new school be added. Please also contact [email protected] to alert the State Office of the reason for the new request.

I teach at multiple schools. Do I need to create separate accounts for each building?

No, you do not need to create separate accounts in the new system. Educators will now be able to link multiple schools to one educator account login! You will need to select one school when initially setting up your account. Once you login as an educator, please click "My Account" and scroll down to "Add School to My Account."

The school building I teach in houses multiple levels (Elementary, Junior and/or Senior). Is there a way the school listings can be combined?

Yes! Contact [email protected] to request that the schools be combined into one listing. Please allow 24 hours for this update to be made.

I'm wondering if my Participating School Fee has been paid. How do I check that?

If your school has not yet paid or the fee has not been received by the State Office, when you log in to, you will see the message below:

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 10.58.13 AM.png

Please check with your school business office to find out the status of payment.

How do I get the invoice my school needs to pay the Participating School Fee with a check?

When you log in and see the message that your fee has not paid, please click submit that- on the next screen, you will see a teal button labeled Invoice. Click that button to view and print a customized invoice for your school's 2019-2020 Participating School Fee.

How do I pay fees with a credit card or print an invoice for audition and festival fees?

When all of your school's auditions are entered, or once your District's Festival results are released, please log in to your educator account and click Billing in the bottom left of your screen. At the top of the Billing dashboard you can then select the fee type you would like to pay or print an invoice.

How do I nominate the same student for multiple events?

To nominate a student for multiple auditions or events, start by entering their first audition and submitting that information. Then you can click on Students on the left side of the page, find the student needing multiple auditions and click View. From the student summary screen you can add more nominations, an FMES application or Composition Contest entries.

How do I edit a student listing after I have already enter it?

After submission of a student nomination, you will be able to edit the student name. To edit additional student information, you will need to delete the entry and re-enter the student and their information. To edit or delete the students' information, click on Students on the left side of the page, find the student needing editing and click View. You can edit a name spelling or delete the audition nomination by clicking Edit next to a nomination listing for that student.

I am trying to enter a student but when I select the part, I don't see the part I am looking for. What do I need to do?

In order to see the correct options, please be sure that both the grade level and audition area are selected.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the system or need assistance?

If your question was not listed here or you run into any difficulty, please email [email protected]!