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Jeremy Marino - Orchestra Division President (Libertyville HS)
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District audition information

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2017 IMEC All-state Conductors

All-State Orchestra: Rei Hotoda (Utah Symphony Orchestra)
Holst: The Planets (Mars, Jupiter, Uranus) 
Gliere: Russian Sailors Dance
Honors Orchestra: Cliff Colnot (DePaul University)
Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet 
Montagues and Capulets (Suite No.2)
The Child Juliet (Suite No.2)
Friar Laurence (Suite No.2)
Death of Tybalt (Suite No.1)
Romeo at the Grave of Juliet (Suite No.2)


ILMEA Lending Library - Orchestra Music

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List of Past All-state conductors and Repertoire

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