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Senior Band

The SIUE Department of Music will be holding its 3rd Annual ILMEA Audition Clinic Event at Dunham Hall on Wednesday, September 21st from 4:30-6 pm. Students will get a chance to work on audition etudes and overall technique with the SIUE music faculty for free. Please contact Dr. Dan Smithiger at if interested.

2016 ILMEA District 6 Band information


Auditions: Monday, October 10 (Columbus Day), Highland Middle School for Jr. and Sr. Band 

Festival: Saturday, November 5, Edwardsville H.S. 6161 Center Grove Rd., Edwardsville


Register your school with the ILMEA state office: scroll down and select 2016-17 Participating School Form. Fill out and submit the annual registration fee per school. ILMEA is open to all public, private and home school students in grades 6-12.


Students must sign up for auditions through a school.


If selected to participate in the ILMEA District 6 Festival, students are to attend all rehearsals and the concert.

If a student is auditioning for more than one ensemble, if selected, he/she will be placed in the ensemble that they have selected as first preference.




Junior Band: Keith Mitchell Retired, Freeburg High School

Senior Band: Bill Jastrow Retired, Neuqua Valley High School

Audition Information:

Auditions begin at 9:00 a.m. All Jr. and Sr. Band students must arrive no later than 9:30 for auditions. 


Auditions are held at Highland High School(Senior Band) and at Highland Middle School(Junior Band) at 2813 State Route 160, Highland Illinois 62249.


No one is allowed in the audition room other than the judge and student.


No form of audio or video recording is allowed in the audition room.


IMPORTANT:  ILMEA audition procedure are HERE .  Please read them and be aware of current policies.



•  Required Etudes (Cycle Set 1)               Click Here


•  Required Scale Sheets                            Link    
          3 Minute Time Limit
          All Notes Tongued


•  Sight Reading


Senior Band Auditions

Nominating directors: remember that Senior Orchestra string students are eligible for All-State in 10thgrade.


Please make sure you select this option when nominating your students in the RNS.


Directors nominating string basses: please consider allowing your bassists to participate in the district band for both ILMEA District Festival and ILMEA All-State. You may mark orchestra as their first choice, and choose band as a second choice. If scores warrant, I like to have at least one bass perform with our ILMEA district band. Band string basses must complete the Senior Orchestra audition in order to be selected to Senior Band, and they must use their bow for all four audition components.


Senior Orchestra Winds & Percussion: Please encourage your top wind, brass and percussion students to participate in the senior orchestra by selecting orchestra when you nominate your students. I greatly appreciate the talents of your winds, brass and percussion that allow us to perform challenging full orchestra literature. For so many students the ILMEA District 6 Senior Orchestra is their only exposure to performing in a full orchestral setting. THANK YOU!!



ILMEA District 6 Festival Info

Please remind students to bring a music stand to the ILMEA District Festival.

Stands are NOT provided at the district festival.

Cellists and Bassist must bring their own rockstops.



Concert Attire:


Junior Band:     Girls: black skirts and white dress blouse, nylons or dress socks, black dress shoes.


Boys: black dress pants, white button down dress shirt, tie, black socks, black dress     shoes.


Senior Band:     School uniforms / Concert attire


Band Division Rep.                                      Greg Allen
                                                                     Highland Middle School
                                                                     Highland, IL

                                                                     (P)  618-363-0817

Senior Band Chair                                       Sean Cartner


Senior Band Co-Chair                                 John Case


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