The mission of the IMEA is to promote lifelong music learning and to provide leadership for music education

District 2 Leadership



Jennifer Hays, band representative, Director of Bands, Orion High School

John Versluis, junior band chairperson, Director of Bands, Geneseo Middle School 


Rosemary Ardner, orchestra representative, Orchestra Director, Dunlap Middle & High Schools

Jazz Band

Madeline Wood, jazz band representative, Band Director, United Junior and Senior High Schools

Vocal Jazz

Angie Dorough, senior vocal jazz representative, Director of Choral Activities, Illinois Valley Central High School

Bob Eckert, junior vocal jazz chairperson, Choir Director, Henry-Senachwine Junior and Senior High Schools


Juliet Minard, senior choral representative, Director of Choral Activities, United Township High School

Ben Holmes, junior chorus chairperson, Director of Choral Activities, Wilson Middle School

Abbi Hicks, elementary chorus chairperson, Music Teacher, Mercer County Elementary and Senior High Schools

Professional Development

 Jenn Mills, professional development representative 

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